Feeling and Remembering

The beach at Glen Arbor was popular in August with amazing sunsets. Being here reminded me of the very first visits to Lake Michigan as a child with my Mom and Dad and sister, Laurie. I remember the rushing waves on the shore and feeling a little scared. On this evening, as my husband and I were walking slowly in the sand, heading back to the car– a drone out of no where–buzzed above our heads. I shot this photo to capture it, though very insignificant. At that moment, a little boy on the shoreline said, “Wow! Dad, can I have that for Christmas?” — there was immediate laughter. Hopefully, one day, he will reflect, feel nostalgic, and remember the sunset. 

Feeling Blessssssssed! 

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This post is inspired by traveling in Michigan and Nostalgia | The Daily Post  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/nostalgia/