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I remember being asked, “Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins?” countless times throughout my childhood, and my answer was always “yes.” However, I don’t remember ever being asked, “Do you believe that Jesus rose again from his death so that you can have new life?”, or anyone describing what said “new life” would look or feel like.

I believe many Christians are stuck at Christ’s death and have never discovered the purpose behind his death – NEW LIFE. The Gospel was always presented to me as a way to get to Heaven – a security for my physical body’s moment of death. What I didn’t know is that it is even more essential than that, because without Christ I am dying more and more each day. Now I know the Gospel as so much more, that my heart saddens for those living constrained in the death of…

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A Creative Soul, Designer, Maker. Inspiration comes mainly from the Great Lakes region, with the skills God gave me to see the world around me as good. Passion for design has been a guide through all my professional and personal pursuits. ~ Tresa

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