I am a stickler for detail. My aesthetic is found in ornamental and geometric forms presented in nature. Working on a computer design is second nature to me. I’m also crazy about the traditional means of creating with a pencil, and brush. Drawing and photography are my saving grace to explore my ideas while staying fresh.



Boho Bird
This is a digital design I created for a notebook cover with geometric and floral styling.

notebook, gift ideas, birthday gift, Christmas gift, flowers and birds, customizable name

A customizable notebook cover design. 




This is a design created for textiles and wrapping paper. The artwork is created in Illustrator, symbolizing handcrafting. The Memphis style of artwork is reemerging and originated from the 

Fabric Artwork in the Memphis style.


Two Red Birds
Creating artwork for textiles or fabric design is a wonderful way to use my love of nature and geometric forms.

fabric design, red birds, minted challenge, tresa meyer clark. illustration, red, whit and blue, geometric design, flower design

Two Red Birds, by Tresa Meyer-Clark