Butterfly Art and Gemstone Dreams

Sometimes, an idea for artwork just comes to me while I’m waking up in the morning. But, I can’t wait for that… and have to rely on what catches my eye…when they’re open. For inspiration, I have many favorite things saved to my Pinterest account, including insects, amazing graphic butterflies, and gemstones for reference material.

Years ago, Michigan had a severe problem with the invasive beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, which is also captured in this new artwork. I’ll save the back-story for another post.

This is one of my latest whimsical designs with insects, created for fabric, home decor, (cozy pillows and sheets) and 4 types of wallpaper. –Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Tresa Meyer-Clark.

Please visit my Spoonflower shop today, where keeping posted on sales, my newest work, and trending designs, is worth your time! The beetles and gemstones collection is ready to print!

I hope to wake up with more whimsical ideas to create from, but I’ll leave the beetles to the backyard, and Spoonflower.

Thanks for checking in!


Quilt Inspiring

I was inspired by many creative people from all over the world in 2022. Picture yourself in Dorset England, where Chantal Dubé reached out to me from the coastal town of Bournemouth! She asked me if I would be interested in altering the background of my “Desert Mod” pattern. She designs and creates modern patchwork quilts. I replied to her on Instagram, and asked for a green swatch that represented her vision. I was happy and grateful to work with her, and felt an urgency to expand my “Desert Boho” collection.”

Photo by Chantal Dubé

I love being surrounded by beautiful decor, and handmade items made from the heart. Later, Chantal sent me photos of her finished piece in a beautiful setting!

A Chantal Dubé Quilt
Beautiful right! Photo by Chantal Dubé

It’s clear, Chantal creates with heart, as she commemorates the memory of her daughter. Her Instagram displays beautiful design, and her lovely items are for sale too. Visit her Etsy shop, MeadowPatchQuilts

Thanks for checking in!


Dominican Beauty

The more we travel, the more we understand, appreciate and love.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

A recent Caribbean cruise opened my eyes to the love, struggles, and proud people of the Dominican Republic. I was happy to be a part of an excursion the Norwegian, Encore offered. We docked, and then boarded a large tour bus. Rolling through town, we visited a church, a rum distillery, and an amber stone museum. My sister bought a necklace at a gift shop with the blue fossil, Larimar, only found in the Dominican. It was a pleasure to talk to the people and purchase some souvenirs.

Norwegian, Encore docked at Puerto Plata.

Umbrella Street
Puerto Plata
The Norwegian, Encore

Reflecting back on that day, I should have taken more photos. Maybe next time, if we are so blessed to do so. Until then, I’ll think about the colors, images, and the textures of the community that inspire me to create new artwork.

We thank Dad and Mom for a fabulous vacation together. Until next time!


Periwinkle Gemstones and Lizards

Periwinkle is a sophisticated shade of purple. I’m usually not a purple fan, but this color was our favorite as kids, and our dad painted a dresser in a similar tone for us. It coordinated with the curtains in our bedroom. Yes, dad has a design eye too.

Periwinkle artwork by ClarkyWorks on Spoonflower.

The inspiration for this artwork was a lavender thistle. The center flower motif, salamander, and lizard were taken from a drawing in my sketchbook. Periwinkle is the #Pantone color of the year for 2022. I decided to explore my lizard sketch for a Spoonflower fabric design challenge. Since then, we were blessed to spend time with family in Florida–where I gathered more inspiring material–and we noticed a salamander on-the-move by the swimming pool.

My design was created for wallpaper and fabric. I developed more coordinating designs that are available in my shop. Take a look! If you have any questions about fabric or are just inspired by purple, send me a message!

Florida salamander poses for close-up photo.

My Periwinkle fabric collection

This design is available as fabric, wallpaper and home goods.



Seahorse Damask Love

This artwork is inspired by western ornament and sea life. The pale, dusty peach shade imparts a vintage feel. I love the blue version, but I decided to enter my original design into the Spoonflower design challenge. The seahorse is styled after my Art Deco Frog, which is the most popular fabric and wallpaper in my shop. A collection for the seahorse with a modern remix is under way, and will be available in February.

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The Spoonflower “Reimagined Damask” challenge is open until Tuesday, 1-26 at 3:00. No account required. 🙏 Thanks for the love!


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Cool Cat Face

Today was a beautiful day to be outside with temps in the 70’s, especially for November! It was warmer than the last time we were up north in September.

An Indian Summer has blessed us again. 

In September, I was sewing more drawstring backpacks using artwork from my Spoonflower shop. This animal print design is super cool in the faux fur fabric called, “Minky.”  Creating the animal print artwork as a mirror image felt natural to me. The cat face that revealed itself in the photography was a susrprising bonus! As long as I can remember, I’ve been able to pick out tiny faces in different textures. 

Design: Animal Print Blush. Fabric and Wallpaper Collections on Spoonflower by ClarkyWorks. Photo: T Meyer-Clark

September was a busy month for our family, and we’re glad to report, everyone is doing well. Amen to that!


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Be The Light

I didn’t know what I was about to experience here. I didn’t look at pics on the internet beforehand, so it would be a surprise…and my husband was happy with his research…💗 I was so stoked! The air was so fresh and people were fishing off the pier. It was not crowded at 7:45 just before sunset.

Dancing shadows.  Photo by Ronald Clark
I love the colors in this photo.
The picturesque lighthouse station and beach at Whitehall, Michigan.  Photo by Tresa Meyer-Clark

The lighthouse is stationed at the channel where White River flows into Lake Michigan. One of my favorite shots from our tiny trip, but a BIG source of inspiration. 

White Hall Light House Station, Michigan Photo by Tresa Meyer-Clark.

Thank you God for the light that shines my way, from storms, to sunsets and sunshine days, through whom all blessings flow, Amen!


Port Huron Magic

Our visit to Port Huron on The Saint Clair River was magical. We visited the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse which is the oldest one in Michigan, and it is stationed on a beautiful shoreline.

We love to rock hunt. I was surprised when the first one I saw was a Petoskey stone! I found two small ones within 15 feet. A little boy on the beach yelled out, “I found a Petoskey stone!” That made me smile.😄


A Fancy Photo Feature

Boating Memories

Hello again!

This was a busy month sewing masks from my fabric designs and coordinating projects. And, I need to share some exciting news! I was featured in the magazine Great Lakes Boating on the social media pages Naut@bles.

Interview by Heather Serrano, Editorial Staff Writer.

GLB —What Great Lakes have you boated on?

“Lake Michigan including The Straits of Mackinac; Lake Huron; North Channel; Georgian Bay; Lake Superior; Lake St Clair; Lake Erie; Lake Ontario and back to Lake Charlevoix, our home port.”

GLB —What do you think is something important our readers should know that you’ve learned through your own experience?

“Respect the Great Lakes. Take boating classes and join your local U.S. Power Squadron (“America’s Boating Club”). Also, join a boating group like the Great Lakes Cruising Club.”

Great Lakes Boating magazine, Tresa Meyer-Clark, boating photography at Charlevoix, Petoskey, Michigan
Dad, Mom and my husband are making boating memories at Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey and Mackinac Island.

Tresa Meyer-Clark, Great Lakes, Boating magazine, May 2020, Mackinac Island, Northport, Michigan
Making memories at Mackinac Island, Beaver Island and Northport.

You can read more of the interview pictured above and/or check out the beautiful magazine too! Here is a link to it with my photos and interview.

Thank you Dad (I know you are reading this) for helping me with the interview questions, and to Heather Serrano for noticing my photos and posts on my instagram page. —The colors of the sunrise at a marina are my favorite shots to capture.— I pose sometimes too, so my husband can document that I was there, and not always behind the camera. Looking forward to seeing what this summer unfolds in photographs.

Many Blessings,

Modern Michigan Woodland – Let’s Play!

I’m back! I’ve been working on creating more surface designs and building a portfolio. This artwork is created for children that desire a whimsical space with a woodland theme. Do you see the fox and raccoon?  As fabric, this is adorable as a tent for sleep-over parties. Check out my design as fabric and wallpaper on Spoonflower.com

Kids decor, play room, Michigan, Tresa Meyer-Clark, Surface designer in Michigan, Quilt artwork, Modern kids decor, Fabric design, fox, raccoon, bedding, throw pillows, woodland theme
 —You could help my artwork gain popularity! Please VOTE for me (“ClarkyWorks”)  in a Spoonflower design challenge today through Tuesday March, 24 at 3:00 p.m. No login required. Vote: click here.

The design challenge is for the Nugget couch. Kids can create their own soft seating and play on it too! Check out all the colors and configurations.

Interested in my artwork or have question?  Contact me by sending a message or please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Many wishes to you for love, grace, and safety in this ever-changing world.


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