Butterfly Art and Gemstone Dreams

Sometimes, an idea for artwork just comes to me while I’m waking up in the morning. But, I can’t wait for that… and have to rely on what catches my eye…when they’re open. For inspiration, I have many favorite things saved to my Pinterest account, including insects, amazing graphic butterflies, and gemstones for reference material.

Years ago, Michigan had a severe problem with the invasive beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, which is also captured in this new artwork. I’ll save the back-story for another post.

This is one of my latest whimsical designs with insects, created for fabric, home decor, (cozy pillows and sheets) and 4 types of wallpaper. –Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Tresa Meyer-Clark.

Please visit my Spoonflower shop today, where keeping posted on sales, my newest work, and trending designs, is worth your time! The beetles and gemstones collection is ready to print!

I hope to wake up with more whimsical ideas to create from, but I’ll leave the beetles to the backyard, and Spoonflower.

Thanks for checking in!


Published by Meyer Clark Studio

A Creative Soul, Designer, Maker. Inspiration comes mainly from the Great Lakes region, with the skills God gave me to see the world around me as good. Passion for design has been a guide through all my professional and personal pursuits. ~ Tresa

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