Liquid Research

When ideas come to fruition, it is an accomplishment to be happy about and to reflect upon. Then, I remember the saying, you are only as good as your last design. Oh, maybe that statement is a little harsh, but I hear this a lot.

Having a plan is a good idea. I like to do research as my ideas come together in a sketch. Or, I could just jump into the project on the computer, but I find that to be less inspiring, (except when I’m dealing with typography). Having more info will help me understand my subject matter, and maybe take a different angle on my initial plan. Sometimes, getting away from the creative process, and just living your daily life is a perfect way to expand the mind, while concentrating on other things.

Some liquid research does the trick. Attention boaters, this awesome place is called The Landing Restaurant on Lake Charlevoix in northwest Michigan.

A tiki baby tee shirt design by Tresa Meyer-Clark.


And that is how it’s done.

This post was inspired by the daily post.



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A Creative Soul, Designer, Maker. Inspiration comes mainly from the Great Lakes region, with the skills God gave me to see the world around me as good. Passion for design has been a guide through all my professional and personal pursuits. ~ Tresa

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