Building Teapots

One of the current graphic design trends is inspired by the Bauhaus Design Movement. It was also a school that started in Weimar, Germany in 1919 by a group of architects.

Bauhaus Surface Pattern Design by ClarkyWorks.

While thinking about what to sketch for this Bauhaus inspired design, I just had to look across the room. Next to the lamp is one of my pieces I built for my Bachelor of Art Degree Show.

Sketching is usually a part of my process, and it was nice to review my old sketchbook from semesters of hand building ceramic forms.

I’m sure that Bauhaus will show up again in my work, because of the influence of modern art and architecture that is available to people who live in the city.

DIA, Detroit, Michigan

We recently went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. I love the mix of architectural styles in the mid town area. The city is definitely making a comeback!

I often pick up a copy of “Architectural Digest”, a periodical I enjoyed when living in an ultra modern home with my parents. On the back cover of March 2018, this “Hermés” ad pictured below has a Bauhaus vibe.

Architectural Digest, March, 2018

More about my surface pattern designs and influences coming soon.

God Bless America,


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A Creative Soul, Designer, Maker. Inspiration comes mainly from the Great Lakes region, with the skills God gave me to see the world around me as good. Passion for design has been a guide through all my professional and personal pursuits. ~ Tresa

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