Special Event Design

Speaking from the Heart


A seaside holiday card concept created for Minted.


A corporate holiday card concept.


A family holiday card concept created for Minted.


A graduation card created for a Minted design Challenge.

A baby shower
A playful owl design that can be used for a gender reveal party theme. Perfect for all seasons. Offers a portrait orientation for an A-7 envelope. Prominently features Mom’s name. A traditional feel with original artwork, current design styling and typeface. Created in Illustrator.

Event design, baby shower, owl theme, gender reveal party
Original artwork by Tresa Meyer-Clark


Wedding Plans
The chatter after a wedding reception is interesting. Everyone has their own concept of what a perfect wedding is. People are stunned by the over-the-top floral decor. At our wedding it was, “those appetizers were huge and all the food was delicious!” As a creative person, I love to hear about the couple’s story and then bring their ideas to life for their wedding day.

MeyerClarkCreative, Nautical Wedding Graphics, Photo by Tresa
Nautical wedding menu design and photo styling  by Tresa Meyer-Clark.


Corporate or Higher Education Presentation Graphics


Party decor
A 50th Anniversary Party with a Snoopy Theme


A presentation board of the party decor helps to tell a story.


Listening to my clients helps me gather clues in order to help make suggestions based on their preferences. With my creative sensibilities and technical skills, I balance concepts with the budget and timeline, and develop fresh ideas from the heart.





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