Quilt Inspiring

I was inspired by many creative people from all over the world in 2022. Picture yourself in Dorset England, where Chantal Dubé reached out to me from the coastal town of Bournemouth! She asked me if I would be interested in altering the background of my “Desert Mod” pattern. She designs and creates modern patchwork quilts. I replied to her on Instagram, and asked for a green swatch that represented her vision. I was happy and grateful to work with her, and felt an urgency to expand my “Desert Boho” collection.”

Photo by Chantal Dubé

I love being surrounded by beautiful decor, and handmade items made from the heart. Later, Chantal sent me photos of her finished piece in a beautiful setting!

A Chantal Dubé Quilt
Beautiful right! Photo by Chantal Dubé

It’s clear, Chantal creates with heart, as she commemorates the memory of her daughter. Her Instagram displays beautiful design, and her lovely items are for sale too. Visit her Etsy shop, MeadowPatchQuilts

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A Creative Soul, Designer, Maker. Inspiration comes mainly from the Great Lakes region, with the skills God gave me to see the world around me as good. Passion for design has been a guide through all my professional and personal pursuits. ~ Tresa

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