What’s for Breakfast?

I remember my first painting classes. When I was around 15 years old, I was invited to attend a ceramic class with my Step Mom to see if I liked it. This was a vessel she painted. Yes, I was feeling so happy to see it again sitting on the breakfast table last weekend, when we wentContinue reading “What’s for Breakfast?”

The Meaning of Home

I signed up for the next WordPress Photography class.  Day One Assignment: Home & Getting Oriented Assignment One: Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind.Continue reading “The Meaning of Home”

Happy Valentines Day

“How shall my heart be unsealed unless it be broken?” —Khalil Gibran My husband is always finding creative ways to make me smile. What a wonderful breakfast display of love in the pursuit of happiness. Happy Valentines Day! ~~Tresa