Anchor Yourself with Happiness.

The inspiration to create is endless for me. Designing packaging and photographing my work makes everything come together.

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Photo by MeyerClark Studio

Close-Up and Blushing

Photography Class
 Day Sixteen –

– Treasure and Close-up –

In the absence of a wooden chest full of gold doubloons, any object or experience
that is deeply meaningful can be a treasure. Items, places, people — we all cherish something, or someone.


Geranium leaves


I thought about the assignment today and changed my mind three times, from treasured photos, heirlooms and then finally my treasured flowers. These are the leaves from a geranium. I Don’t have the actual name of this one, but what I do know is, it attracts hummingbirds. We tried to capture the movement of those tiny birds loving on this geranium with no success. Maybe this summer we’ll have more luck with our new hummingbird feeders. Can’t wait.

Geranium Plant          

A Geranium attracts hummingbirds

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The Pursuit of Happiness

This is where I need to be right now, no looking back and no regrets. Only beautiful thoughts, blessings, images, and words will be my space to create in. Creating my way to the pursuit of happiness!

I am a jewelry designer and graphic artist. On this blog, I hope to explore and learn, make new friends, share my ideas, present my jewelry designs, write about my process, post photography of my boating rendezvous on the Great Lakes, and share artsy tips! If I can do all of this, and cook for my husband, then wow, what an accomplishment! (He’s a much better cook than me and made the heart mash potatoes) I’ll have to allow myself to make mistakes along the way, in this new creative journey, in the pursuit of happiness.

boating, nautical abalone necklace

The pursuit of happiness