You Toucan Design

I just finished this design with toucans and palm trees. Creating a collection is just as exciting as designing the original concept. A larger toucan is on my mind, and a design with more foliage.

Surface pattern design with Toucans by ClarkyWorks
State Straits Marina, Mackinaw City, Michigan

This is a boat at the State Straits Marina in Mackinaw City, Michigan. Of course, it was the shade of turquoise water that inspired me to grab my iPhone. Even though I created the artwork for the tropical toucan before I was in Mackinaw City, I will use this photo for proof, that you don’t have to go to the Caribbean to see clear turquoise water.

More on this theme coming soon to ClarkyWorks.

If you have ideas on what products you would envision this design being used for, please leave me a comment. My designs are available on many products from home decor, wallpaper, gift wrapping to clothing and accessories. You too can design!



Building Teapots

One of the current graphic design trends is inspired by the Bauhaus Design Movement. It was also a school that started in Weimar, Germany in 1919 by a group of architects.

Bauhaus Surface Pattern Design by ClarkyWorks.

While thinking about what to sketch for this Bauhaus inspired design, I just had to look across the room. Next to the lamp is one of my pieces I built for my Bachelor of Art Degree Show.

Sketching is usually a part of my process, and it was nice to review my old sketchbook from semesters of hand building ceramic forms.

I’m sure that Bauhaus will show up again in my work, because of the influence of modern art and architecture that is available to people who live in the city.

DIA, Detroit, Michigan

We recently went to the Detroit Institute of Arts. I love the mix of architectural styles in the mid town area. The city is definitely making a comeback!

I often pick up a copy of “Architectural Digest”, a periodical I enjoyed when living in an ultra modern home with my parents. On the back cover of March 2018, this “Hermés” ad pictured below has a Bauhaus vibe.

Architectural Digest, March, 2018

More about my surface pattern designs and influences coming soon.

God Bless America,



Getting the tools out to create a new patio or a graphic design using Illustrator keeps us very busy. Looking through our photos, I believe we are blessed with a supportive family, a good work ethic, and the creative skills that make our lives more interesting and sweet. Some sarcasm is fun too. Today, I posted a few of my FAVORITE photos from 2017 to now. It was hard to just choose a few. Follow me on Instagram to see more.

Our back yard at Christmas time.
Our patio in process.
My husband is the man with the tools!
The finished patio was designed and built by my husband.
First work, then play, at home in Charlevoix with Dad, Ron, and Mom.
Dad and Ron
My niece Emma Lynn, the newest edition to our family.
Banana bread with strawberries, walnuts, and chocolate chips. My artwork as a tea towel.
My screen saver on my old Mac that is resting now.

I hope to share smiles, fun and photos with you in the future! The new plan is to create a new WordPress site where I can share more of the process of my artwork and textile designs with a site.

I would like to stay in touch. Follow this blog MeyerClarkStudio and Instagram and Facebook and my textile designs at ClarkyWorks.

Have a blessed Summer!


Inspired by my freinds on WordPress and the Daily Press, Favorites.

Liquid Research

When ideas come to fruition, it is an accomplishment to be happy about and to reflect upon. Then, I remember the saying, you are only as good as your last design. Oh, maybe that statement is a little harsh, but I hear this a lot.

Having a plan is a good idea. I like to do research as my ideas come together in a sketch. Or, I could just jump into the project on the computer, but I find that to be less inspiring, (except when I’m dealing with typography). Having more info will help me understand my subject matter, and maybe take a different angle on my initial plan. Sometimes, getting away from the creative process, and just living your daily life is a perfect way to expand the mind, while concentrating on other things.

Some liquid research does the trick. Attention boaters, this awesome place is called The Landing Restaurant on Lake Charlevoix in northwest Michigan.

A tiki baby tee shirt design by Tresa Meyer-Clark.


And that is how it’s done.

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Next to Him

Recently we attended a funeral of a friend’s nephew. He was 21, a member of the army reserves, and buried with military honors. I’ll never forget the image of his father looking down at the folded flag on his lap with three bullet casings on top. I’m sure he was very proud that his son had lived to serve his country, and found his higher purpose in life.

I have never been a part of the military, and would never aspire to that duty, probably because I’m an artist who likes to break the rules. However, we all have rules to live by. We recognize the norms that society places on us as we become good citizens of the earth by honoring God, family and country.

Funerals always have that effect on me, to further analyze my life, and what I’ll leave behind. Spending quality time with my husband and family is the most important. But there is still a voice that is nagging me to do more. What will I do to make a difference in someone’s life? More than that, help others see something that I feel is a good thing. How can I feel productive and viable in using my artistic strengths to help others?

My creative journey as a God fearing person — with husband by my side — is a blessed life, next to him.


On our way to the lake house.

This post is inspired by the Daily Post and celebrating life.

Through the Lens

This post is about my creative process.

Away from technology, experiencing life through the lens of my camera, is my favorite place to be. Whether it’s a pink reflection on the lake, or orange flower petals reaching for the light, I’m in my happy place. yessssss.

Northern Michigan Sunset, Lake Charlevoix


I didn’t know the shape of this succulent plant would be so intoxicating.

I was drawing the angular shaped flowers in my sketch book — when I decided to go to the computer and start a textile design — my next favorite place to be. My heart was beating faster. I used the B&W version for reference to draw an idea in Illustrator.


Fabric design by Tresa Meyer-Clark

Taa Daaa! The finished textile design for a tea towel and a table linen.

Photo from


ClarkyWorks is my textile design shop on Spoonflower and There, you can choose and customize my designs in repeating patterns for fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, home goods, and fashion.

Thank you for checking in on my creative journey. Your comments and questions are welcomed.

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Accessibility & Design

We all know someone or have a loved one with a disability. Below is a great article from AIGA on design, and how to convey accessibility to buildings, transportation, and also about, user-centered museum information graphics. The isotype icons (below) are evolving, along with amazing Apps like BlindWays, providing clues to accessibility where gps fails, and AccessNow, rating the status of restaurants and concert venues etc.

This article has inspired me to think beyond my own small world. I’ll be looking around more to notice how these symbols are used in my city, at events, and utilized in public spaces I’ll be visiting this year. On the lighter side, so maybe, the martini glass should be a beer stein, and the boat should have a side view.

Please share.  Your thoughts are welcomed!




Make Your Point

I remember when my parents hired a designer to work on the decor for my bedroom when I was in high school. The curtains and the bed covering were a green and rust paisley pattern. At that time, I was not impressed with the moroccan style motifs. How things change when your taste in decor develops over time. Thanks Mom and Dad for having great taste!

This is a surface design project with a paisley pattern using the pointillism technique. The layering of dots imparts texture and depth. Can’t wait to order the fabric and paper swatches in the pink and the brown to perfect my craft. This is just the beginning of creating graphics for this collection. If you are interested in licensing my designs, please leave me a message through my contact page.





Inspired by the Daily Post, Layered.

Bees Don’t Digress

Taking time to smell the roses, and photograph them is not always easy, especially when you have a few minutes in the morning before work.  I am a nature lover, so I always get up early to enjoy my morning time.  I’ve been known to get distracted by the bumble bees when I’m having my morning coffee. Their buzzing is very busy and non-stop. But, the cardinal is busy too, hopping around in our tomato plants. I smiled when he finally flew to our Rose of Sharon tree, and then I hurried to captured his portrait. 



A busy backyard.
The birds are not visiting as much when we are working, but the bees don’t care.

I digress, Time to stop and smell the roses.



This post was inspired by the Daily Post, “Shiny” on WordPress.

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